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In our busy routine, where we are most of the time involved in an eat and run schedule we cannot all the time, fulfil our desired wishes. With the target of losing weight effectively, people either do not get time at all or have tried various other measures like opting for weight loss supplements, or trying to quit meals in order to quickly see the result.

For weight loss management, when people have set a goal of achieving it quickly, they do not care whether how many meals they have to quit or whatever measure they have to opt for. But in this haste, they must also understand that it can be dangerous for them as well. Every measure, when carried out slowly and gradually will certainly give you the results you are looking for. Adding to this, the tips must be healthy ones such that they do not make the people frustrated at the initial level.

Emotional Eating

It is true that, we eat, not only because we are hungry at that time. We also eat at times, when we are stressed, anxious or even bored. Moreover, at the time of watching TV, we usually want some food item in our hands. Also, known to be as emotional eating, it can be quiet unhealthy and also mar all your efforts towards weight loss.

Staying Motivated

Once you start the process of effectively maintaining your weight by opting for only healthy foods, you must stay focused as well as motivated that you can do it.

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Slow Process Is The Best

Instead of taking the risk of losing weight in a faster process and make yourself internally weak, why not opt for a weight loss management process that will not make you sluggish or drained but maintaining your strength reduce weight greatly.

Setting Goals

The moment you start setting goals such as the clothes you want to wear in an upcoming party or event in order to look smart as well as in shape, you will definitely burn the number of calories that you desired for.

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The decade old uncertainty over fixing a permanent solution to Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) is set to continue with the House deciding not to set off the accumulated deficit (25% for 2011) against primary care physicians till the end of this year. Although a temporary relief for doctors, the absence of a permanent solution will always keep doctors apprehensive every year. What is more, the accumulating deficit is destined to move upwards.

Primarily brought into force by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 to amend Section 1848(f) of the Social Security Act for controlling costs related to spending on Medicare expenditure by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) happens to be an overriding improvement over the earlier method, the Medicare Volume Performance Standard (MVPS).

As the SGP advocates equating Medicare expenditure for each beneficiary proportionate to the growth in the GDP, physicians are driven to render quality service under the GDP sealing. Despite Medicare Payment Advisory Commission’s close watch advisory to the U.S. Congress on the previous year’s total expenditures as against the target expenditures, and conversion factor that modifies the payments for physician services for the next year in congruence with the target SGR the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate has never been able to witness the Medicare expenditure in congruence with the GDP.

Although the CMS may place partial blame on physicians for overshooting the SGR every year, yet, amidst ever-rising cost of medical practice, physicians have been finding it hard to sustain the SGR. The estimated SGR for 2010, which is a negative 10.30%, and the conversion factor for the physician fee at a negative 25% are still more alarming. The current scenario would have meant a negative Medicare budget, and cut in physicians fees by 25%, in which case physicians would have resorted to boycott the Medicare patients.

In the long run this scenario is also going to affect the quality of healthcare as the physicians would be wary of investing money in new equipment or latest technology to enhance their patient care and management services if they are unsure of their potential revenue and expenses. Another pertinent fact here is that the implications of the SGR stalemate go beyond Medicare as most private insurers take a cue from Medicare to set their payment rates.

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Fortunately, like it has been since 1997, there has been yet another extension to the implementation of conversion factor; Medicare and Medicaid Extenders Act of 2010 has deferred it till January 1, 2012. But at some point of time, the inevitable question will have to be answered and permanent solution to be given amidst booming demography of senior citizens, which will further escalate SGR problem. It is heartening to see the premier health body, AMA actively pursuing the issue with the congressional leadership for a long-term solution.

Medicalbillersandcoders.com, the largest consortium of medical billing and coding advisory are equally interested in witnessing a permanent solution to this perennial SGR problem. Being an integral part of medical endeavors, we hope it is realized sooner.

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Diet and exercise are the two most powerful tools in your arsenal when it comes to general wellness. Making small changes while you’re in good health will save you a world of trouble down the road. However, it’s never too late to improve your diet. If you are concerned about the health of your joints because of genetics or because you’ve begun to feel that tell-tale soreness and stiffness, there are dozens of foods that you can incorporate into your everyday meals that can protect the joints from damage, and when combined with exercise, can help heal already damaged joints.

Amino acids are vital in a healthy diet, particularly protein. Beans are an inexpensive source of protein, and couldn’t be easier to slip into everyday meals. While all beans are high in protein, black beans posses a few little extra benefits: they’re a natural anti-inflammatory, and they’re high in manganese, a mineral many of us are deficient. These two factors ought to impress you if joint health is your concern. Toss beans over salads, bake them into pot-pies, or fold them into tacos and burritos. Keep a tasty three-bean salad on hand in the refrigerator for an easy, protein packed lunch.

While reaching for the milk is our first instinct when we think of getting more calcium, don’t forget about collard greens. Collards have the highest calcium content of all the vegetables, weighing in at 357 mg per cup of cooked greens. They’re delicious prepared Southern style with or without a hambone, with a hunk of cornbread and some white beans. Collards are also nice sauteed with garlic, ginger, and chilies, and finished with a squirt of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, a high-protein, lower salt soy sauce substitute. Collards are also high in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as manganese for healthy joints. Collards are also far lower in calories, and have no fat or cholesterol.

Broccoli is another great food for joint health, as it contains high concentrations of vitamins A, B, and C, as well as E and K, and plenty of calcium. If you aren’t fond of plain steamed or raw broccoli, try it in a quiche or tossed with macaroni and cheese. But try to suck it up and learn to enjoy broccoli, because it is a natural anti-inflammatory, and it contributes to collagen production, which forms cartilage. Ginger is another joint health rock star.

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Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, and regular consumption of ginger can lead to less pain and swelling and greater range of motion in the joints. Add ginger to your morning oatmeal along with cinnamon. Sip ginger tea during the cold months, or brew some ginger lemonade in the summer. Ginger is also a lovely addition to sauteed vegetables, rice, and noodle dishes.

A balanced and adventurous diet can lead you to find many foods with helpful vitamins and minerals with out having to resort to supplements or pills. Next time you are wondering what to do for dinner try making an Asian stir-fry with a healthy mixture of vegetables.

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